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Full-stack React Innovation Expert

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Posted: 1 month ago

Callstack was founded in 2016 by Mike Grabowski and Anna Lankauf. Our company provides top cross-platform consultancy & development in React.js and React Native. We co-create the technology and collaborate with the Meta team on shaping the technology as core contributors and innovators.

Our main goal is to drive and accelerate software development innovation. To achieve that, we follow our major rule:

We don’t follow best practices. We set them!

Work for 6 months in Callstack’s R&D in a 2 person team to deliver exciting and unique value to the full-stack React community, all open-source. Then transition to the delivery team to help our clients solve their challenges in this area.

Callstack believes in the idea of React Universe – a holistic React app development idea that bridges cross-platform development with React Native and full-stack web development with React and server JS runtimes. We’re pretty good and established in the cross-platform realm and now we’re looking to expand our full-stack expertise. To do that in our style, we need to do something truly exceptional in the open source space. And that’s where we need you!

You’ll be the key person that will help bootstrap this full-stack effort internally by contributing kick-ass functionality to existing state-of-the-art React frameworks in Open Source or creating something new. Later to transition to delivering solutions for Callstack’s clients building their web and mobile apps in React.

As a Full-stack React Innovation Expert (first 6 months) you will:

  • Be a part of Technology team working on R&D in Open Source for ~6 months
  • Be given a lot of space for creativity and making impact in React ecosystem
  • Share expertise in full-stack technologies with fellow devs
  • Interact with key people in the React community
  • Work hand-in-hand with our Business Development team as a technical expert

After 6 months of working in R&D you will transition to a Full-stack React Expert and:

  • Develop full-stack software for our clients’ projects
  • Arrive at solutions that bring concrete benefits for our existing and new clients
  • Collaborate with development teams, CTOs, and PMs from all around the world
  • Work hand-in-hand with our Business Development team as an expert

With our help you will have the opportunity to:

  • Become an industry leader
  • Gain expertise and recognition in the React community
  • Influence how developers use React

You are the right candidate if you are (no need to check all the boxes):

  • A hacker, tinkerer, innovator, trailblazer and tools builder
  • Excited about React and its full-stack and cross-platform possibilities
  • Coming from a backend/fullstack background
  • A JavaScript expert with extensive knowledge and expertise in modern web React frameworks and libraries - Next.js or Remix
  • Deployed apps to production (ideally for millions MAU) with end-to-end experience in monitoring, scaling and evolving the projects
  • Skilled in and enthusiastic about both React.js and React Native
  • Experienced in web apps development (5+ years) – experience with React Native is a plus, but not necessary
  • Configured something more complex than a S3 bucket
  • Can tell when to go with AWS and when just use Vercel
  • Driven towards learning new technologies and knowledge-sharing initiatives
  • Able to quickly gain new technical expertise
  • Fluent in English (C1+)
  • Passionate about the open source mission (documented contributions to any open source project would be a huge plus)
  • A great communicator and team player
  • A problem-solver not a problem-seeker
  • Proactive and self-driven
  • Fun to work with :)

What we offer:

  • 24 paid days off & 30 days paid sick leave for B2B contractors
  • Fully-covered life insurance
  • Private healthcare for you and your family
  • Free access to mental health platform - Helping Hand
  • Multisport Card or monthly allowance for other sports activities
  • Individual self-development budget
  • Monthly lunch allowance
  • Accounting costs refund for B2B contractors
  • Flexible working hours and fully remote work possibility
  • Private villa on Mallorca available for every Callstacker to work from
  • Cool office in Wrocław city center
  • Magnificent team events and activities
  • Company-wide workation and team building workshops
  • Top-notch hardware - Apple devices
  • Free entry and the possibility to participate in the biggest React Native conference in Europe (React Native EU Conference).