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[Job-13582] Mid-Level React Developer, Brasil

  • TypeScript
  • Xstate
  • Typescript
  • WCAG

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Posted: 2 months ago

We partner with the world’s most valuable brands to build digital solutions that transform businesses. As a digital native, we bring a 29-year track record of accelerating business impact through complete and scalable digital solutions. With a global presence of 6,000+ professionals in strategy, research, data science, design, and engineering, we unlock top-line growth, improve customer experience, and drive operational efficiency.

Hi There, This is Renata Cunha from CI&T!

I am a Talent Attracting Analyst looking for people in Brazil for a React Developer position to work on an international project.


- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop scalable, performant, and accessible web applications using React, Typescript, and Micro front-end architecture.

- Implement and integrate accessibility features and remediation techniques to ensure compliance with web accessibility guidelines, particularly WCAG 2.1/2.2 and WAI-ARIA standards.

- Demonstrate a deep understanding of web accessibility best practices and guidelines, and proactively advocate for accessible design and development throughout the organization.

- Conduct thorough accessibility testing using tools such as Axe and screen readers, identifying and addressing accessibility issues early in development.

- Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in web accessibility, assistive technologies, and industry trends, incorporating this knowledge into your work.

Requirements for this challenge:

- Professional experience as a Front-end Developer, with a strong focus on React and Typescript.

- Advanced to fluent English communication skills, both written and verbal, enabling effective collaboration in an international team.

- Proven track record of implementing accessibility features and remediating accessibility issues to meet industry standards.

- Familiarity with assistive technologies used by individuals with disabilities, including screen readers, voice recognition software, and keyboard navigation.

- Ability to perform comprehensive accessibility testing using tools like Axe and screen readers, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all users.

Nice to have:

- Playwright, Xstate, web pack


#LI- RN1



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