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full-stack engineer (Node/React)

  • Node.js
  • GraphQL
  • React.js
  • CI/CD

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Posted: 7 months ago

Job Description

Title - full-stack engineer (Node/React)
Candidates must have some experience on the Infrastructure/DevOps side of the house, specifically with CI/CD and Kubernetes. Their NodeJS experience must be partly on the Infrastructure side. Any candidates you send will need to provided a detailed description of their background to the answers below over email.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Contract: Long-Term
Interview Process: 2 Steps Over Zoom
Location: 100% Remote
Sub-Vend: NO
  1. Describe your experience deploying applications to the cloud.
  2. Breakdown your experience with the infrastructure side of NodeJS
  3. Describe your direct hands-on experience with CI/CD and Kubernetes
3 new Engineering reqs, but slightly different skill set
Building out a new group of engineers to support the Platform Team
GLASS platform already built and implemented for US, Mexico & Canada
Need well-rounded engineers with Infrastructure and DevOps knowledge
  • Looking for a full-stack engineer (Node/React) who is well-versed in the DevOps and Infrastructure space
  • Must understand the Infrastructure side of Node and how Node works; how to deploy Node.js in the cloud
  • Must understand cloud deployment
  • Will optimize cloud-based infrastructure at the platform level
  • Looking for someone who learns fast and likes to be challenged
Tech stack:
  • Node is most important (infrastructure side of Node)
  • Ideal candidate will have Kubernetes experience
  • Should also have React/GraphQL