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Frontend Engineer_ React

  • Java
  • Python
  • Docker
  • Defi
  • AWS
  • Agile
  • Next.js

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Posted: 1 month ago

About Fluence: Fluence Energy, Inc. (Nasdaq: FLNC) is a global market leader in energy storage products and services, and optimization software for renewables and storage. With a presence in over 47 markets globally, Fluence provides an ecosystem of offerings to drive the clean energy transition, including modular, scalable energy storage products, comprehensive service offerings, and the Fluence IQ Platform, which delivers AI-enabled SaaS products for managing and optimizing renewables and storage from any provider. Fluence is transforming the way we power our world by helping customers create more resilient and sustainable electric grids.

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We are guided by our passion to transform the way we power our world. Achieving our goals requires creativity, diversity of ideas and backgrounds, and building trust to effect change and move with speed.

We are Leading

Fluence currently has thousands of MW of energy storage projects operated or awarded worldwide in addition to the thousands of MW of projects managed by our trading platform—and we are growing every day.

We are Responsible

Fluence is defined by its unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and integrity.

We are Agile

We achieve our goals and meet our customer’s needs by cultivating curiosity, adaptability, and self-reflection in our teams.

We are Fun

We value the diversity in thought and experience of our coworkers and customers. Through honest, forthcoming, and respectful communications we work to ensure that Fluence is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. 

This position will be within the new Fluence Digital business unit, formed following Fluence’s acquisition of San Francisco-based start-up AMS. Fluence Digital’s software technology uses artificial intelligence, advanced price forecasting, portfolio optimization, and market bidding to ensure energy storage and flexible generation assets are responding optimally to price signals sent by the market. 

Join our dynamic team as a Frontend UI React Developer and play a pivotal role in shaping the user interface of our applications. You will be responsible for developing seamless single-page applications that will shape the future of our company and the electricity grid.

As a Software Engineer, you will be instrumental in designing, developing, and maintaining robust AWS SaaS applications. This role requires close collaboration with data scientists, product managers, and subject matter experts. Your key responsibilities include and not limited to:

Key Responsibilities:

1. Development: Design efficient and user-friendly UI using React.js, Next.js, and other relevant frameworks.

2. Collaboration: Engage closely with API developers, data scientists, product managers, and subject matter experts to influence the company's evolution and the electricity grid's future.

3. Code Management: Write code, conduct tests, create prototypes, troubleshoot issues, and evaluate and address bottlenecks.

4. Design Input: Participate actively in design discussions, offering key insights to guide technical decisions.

5. Documentation: Establish and document best practices and methodologies.



1. Minimum of 6 years (up to 14 years) hands-on experience with React.js, Next.js, JavaScript.

2. At least 6 years of experience in developing single-page applications that involve data presentation with various charts.

3. Proficiency in adhering to coding standards and guidelines.

4. Expertise in static code analysis, unit testing, and other best practices ensuring high-quality code delivery.

5. Comprehensive knowledge of CSS, HTML, API integration, and Performance tuning of web pages

6. Experience with browser-based debugging and performance testing software.

7. Familiarity with performance testing frameworks.

8. Excellent troubleshooting skills.


1. Knowledge of data analytics visualization tools.

2. Knowledge of API development, python 

3. Familiarity with CI/CD build pipelines.

4. Experience using Ubuntu as a development environment.

5. Knowledge of Dockers and Ubuntu development environment.

Educational and Certification Requirements:

•Bachelor's in computer science or a related field are preferred.

•AWS certifications will be considered an added advantage.


We are always looking for employees who are excited by challenges and the opportunity to be problem-solvers. Our entrepreneurial mindset allows for creativity, a sense of urgency, and fulfillment. Our employees love what we do and are passionate about the way we power our world. 

•The Fluence Digital team is highly motivated by developing advanced optimization strategies to transform the way we power our world. We are deeply concerned by our changing climate and are excited to have the opportunity to play a part in making low-carbon projects more viable. 



Fluence IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER and fully subscribes to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity to ensure that all applicants and employees are considered for hire, promotion, and job status without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital or familial status.