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Remote Senior React Developer

  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • React

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Posted: 2 months ago

πŸ“’ πŸ“’  We are looking πŸ‘“ for some Makers to join our growing Makers’ Den!   πŸ“’πŸ“’

If you πŸ‘±πŸ‘© are a skilful senior with a wide skill set, who is not afraid to take ownership of what is delivered to our clients, we will be happy for you to grow with us! 🌳🌲

We offer a flexible, empowering, cultivating and autonomous work environment. In our technically focused international software house the founders are experienced and active developers. We collaborate and learn from each other. 

We specialize in NodeJS-based technologies and frameworks: TypeScript / React / Express / BlitzJs / Remix to name a few. At the moment there is a strong polish representation among our developers, and we would love to grow this number a bit!

Your daily tasks on the job πŸ’­πŸŽ¨πŸ’»
  1. Create a state of the art NodeJS software.
  2. Actively communicate with our clients.
  3. Be kind to everyone.
  4. Have fun!
Recruitment process 
  1. After you apply and we’ve reviewed the application there will be a quick phone call πŸ“±from us. 
  2.  If it seems we may be a match then we’ll ask you to do a code challenge. We pay πŸ’° 100 euros πŸ’°for the complete submission of the code challenge 
  3. If we like the solution we’ll schedule an online interview  πŸ–₯, which usually lasts around 90 minutes πŸ•”. In this interview, you are also interviewing us, so it’s a 2-way conversation. 
  4. Lastly, we’ll give it a bit of thought and get back to you with an offer if we think we might be a good fit  🏁🏁🏁
This company has been set up by developers for developers. There is no unnecessary managerial bullshit here ❗
We're a truly remote-first company. No offices. You have complete control over where and how you work πŸŒƒπŸ„.
Since we work in different locations, we meet several times a year for real-life meet-ups πŸ‘₯πŸ‘‹πŸ’¬. The company pays for travel, hotels, and dinners πŸ’Ά.
For more information about us, our ways and the technologies we use please visit our Maker Handbook πŸ“•.