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Full-Stack Engineer - Python/React.js - Tribe Interactions - Paris - F/H/X - CDI

  • Python
  • Redux
  • REST
  • Defi
  • Agile
  • SaaS
  • Scrum

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Posted: 1 month ago

Partoo, who are we? 👀

Partoo is a B2B SaaS scale-up who is committed to helping local businesses, large companies or SMEs to get closer to their customers. To do this, they have developed an all-in-one platform and different solutions that revolve around 3 value propositions: Get Found, Get Chosen and Get Clients.

Through these 3 propositions, they have developed several products that adapt to changes in the customer purchasing journey:

🔎 Get Found

Presence: Synchronize store information on main platforms (Google, Facebook, Waze, etc.), directories and GPS.

Store Locator: Help customers find the store that’s right for them with up-to-date local data and dedicated filters on retailer websites.

Social Media: Manage posts on Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.

🎯 Get Chosen

Review: Centralize, reply to and analyse customer reviews received on Google and Facebook.

Booster: Get additional positive reviews on Google through SMS and QR codes.

🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 Get Clients

Messages: Centralize and reply to all chat messages received via Google Business Messages, Messenger and soon also via Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Some key figures 🗝

--> Happy at Work label and the best Glassdoor rating in the French tech environment 4.8/5 with more than 200 reviews ️️️️️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

--> 400+ happy employees, 36 different nationalities, offices in Paris and Barcelona 🚀

--> They manage 300,000 points of sale and work cross-functionally with +650 chains (Carrefour, Generali, Toyota, Decathlon, Essilor, etc.) and +4,000 SMEs in around 100 countries.

If you are curious about our strategy for 2024 take a look at our CEO'S Memo!


At Partoo, our Tech team has 75 people, divided into 'Engineering' and 'Product'. We work in Tribes and Impact Teams, currently we have 4 Tribes and 11 Feature Teams.

Each Tribe is led by an Engineering Manager and a Lead Product Manager, and focuses on a specific aspect or axis of our product: Visibility, Interactions, Empowering, Transactions, and Core.

In each Tribe, there are Impact Teams focusing on a specific product or a part of it. Our Feature Teams, are mixed of designers, product experts, and engineers, they deploy features in an agile and continuous way. They follow the SCRUM method with 2-week sprints.

We believe in helping our employees grow: when you join us, you'll have a meet with a coach every week. They'll support you either in developing technical expertise or management abilities.


As a Full Stack Engineer, you'll split your time between developing the product within a feature team and implementing technical projects, called leadership projects, that bring value to the Tech team.

In a feature team, here are the types of tasks you may be required to work on:

-> Designing a new product interface (Endpoint API + React/Redux front-end architecture)

-> Implementing a publisher API integration (Google My Business, Facebook, Messenger, etc.)

-> Designing REST APIs and SDKs to facilitate the integration of our interfaces into partner solutions

In addition to their responsibilities related to product development, each engineer at Partoo takes charge of a leadership project, which allows them to experiment with solutions to problems encountered by the technical team. Here are some examples of projects:

-> Designing the Partoo Design System (Front)

-> Defining best testing practices (Process)


  • Experience in Python on a web stack (Django, Flask or Pyramid)
  • Experience in a front-end JS framework (experience React/Redux is a plus)
  • Proficiency in Git
  • Team spirit and a desire to learn
  • Good oral and written communication skills regarding technical challenges
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Being comfortable with English is a must have as we are an international team

  • However, we encourage you to try your luck in all cases, even if you don't tick all the boxes above, that doesn't mean you're not our future gem 💎

  • Interview with Marine, Tech Talent Acquisition Manager

  • Online coding exercise on Codility platform

  • Two technical interviews with Senior or Lead Developers (2x1h)

  • PS : You want to prepare yourself like a pro ? Check this article from one of our Engineering Manager, Louis-Amaury 🤫

Take a look at our Employee Value Proposition 🎁
  • Check our EVP that outlines what we offer !

  • Check our tech blog on medium 💻

  • Location : Work from our offices in Paris (18th arrondissement) 📍

  • Activities: Various activities (sports, book club, climbing, music lessons, seminars, etc.) are organized by our 'Funtastics' volunteers 🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Remote working : 3 days per week / 6 weeks per year from abroad (work from anywhere policy) after 1 year of seniority. 🛜

  • Holidays : 25 days of vacation / 6 RTT days per year ⛰️

Focus on the Interactions Tribe ⭐️
  • This Tribe is composed of 4 Impact Teams and its North Star Metric is to leverage conversations to foster customer connections & drive business outcomes.

  • You'll work with Guillaume (Engineering Manager of Interactions), Jonathan (Lead Product Manager of Interactions), Raphaël (Lead Developer of the Glootie team) and Carine (Full-Stack Developer in the Glootie team).

  • You'll be part of the "Glootie" impact team, which aims to increase the number of opportunities between merchants and their customers ! 🎊

€57,000 - €88,000 a year
Experienced 1 : 57 000 - 63 000 €
Experienced 2 : 63 000 - 69 000 €
Senior 1 : 72 000 - 78 000 €
Senior 2 : 78 000 - 88 000 €

Salary levels are assessed during technical interviews.

À compétences égales, ce poste est ouvert aux travailleurs et travailleuses en situation de handicap ou assimilés au sens de l’article L5212-13 du Code du travail. Partoo s’engage en faveur de la diversité, l’égalité professionnelle, l’emploi des travailleurs handicapés.

With equal skills, this position is open to disabled workers or those considered to be disabled within the meaning of Article L5212-13 of the French Labour Code. Partoo is committed to diversity, professional equality and the employment of disabled workers.