Job details

Senior NodeJS / ReactJS Developer

  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Microservices
  • ReactJS
  • NodeJS
  • Web Services
  • Azure DevOps
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • English
  • GitFLow

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Posted: 5 months ago

Are you looking for exciting, global, innovative developer-tools project that is about to change and revolutionize the way how software engineers integrate services and components? Would you like to drive Polish grown, globally used technology on its broad commercialization stage giving you world-wide fame and experience? Would you like to be part of team creating something that has never been done before?


Finally would you like to work on startup delivering software developers tools as top engineers in USA from Oracle, Microsoft, GitHub or Docker instead of supporting simple CRUD business applications? 


Would you like to be part of private share offers and public markets IPO boosting outcome of your efforts into global success?


We need You! Join our Team Today! 😊 


We are working on global service on top of the research and development projects funded by European Union with over 12 million zloty, which objective is to change the way programmers integrate software component and services leveraging our world-wide unique technology that allows for the seamless integration of programming languages runtimes including CLR, JVM, Python, Ruby, Perl, NodeJs, C++ and GoLang.


Within upcoming two years we are about to continue commercializing current stage of the product and develop completely new, seamless, effortless and instant service that will let programmers from any technology to access and utilize logic from any modules, written in any technology, either locally in single application or remotely in microservices architecture without the need to write ANY integration layer but just calling the methods they need like required classes were written in their technology and available in the same application.

Senior NodeJS / ReactJS Developer



In this position we are looking for enthusiastic, quick thinking, agile software engineer who aspires to build solutions and tools rather than regular business applications. The unique opportunity to attribute to changing the way the developers work. The candidate shal understand the modern applications architecture, microservices infrastructure, cloud based solutions, CI/CD, automated testing and be able to build comprehensive PWA/RWD web applications with pixel perfect precision using latest HTML5/CSS3 and newer tools and frameworks.


In this role you will:

  • actively participate in creation of technical vision, architecture and developers usability of our new integration technology and tools
  • implement NodeJS and Front-End part of the SDKs to interact with our developer tools
  • implement JS engine for analyzing public interfaces in NPM packages and converting them to unified format
  • implement JS engine for generating strongly typed NPM packages based on unified public interfaces structure
  • implement front-end web app for central management panel
  • implement front-end web app for product page
  • implement front-end web app for virtualized public APIs browsing portal being auto generated based on exposed code
  • support implementation of NPM package manager gateway and repository virtualization
  • support guides, user experience, naming conventions, APIs and tools creation/design to meet the expectations and feelings of JavaScript/TypeScript, NodeJS and ReactJS developers as well as their standard workflow and daily/market standard practices
  • convert Figma designs into pixel perfect HTML5/CSS3 RWD/PWA web pages
  • implement unit tests
  • support CI/CD processes
  • co-create project technical documentation
  • co-create end-users guides and documentation
  • optionally (ideally if willing to): support evangelization, content creation, conduct events presentation and create video content for JS engineers


Tools and Frameworks:

  • Azure DevOps
  • Figma
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • Azure Cloud
  • Enterprise Architect
  • UML

What we offer:

Great salary (plus if we succeed ability to participate in shares program), guaranteed budget for at least in upcoming 20months (with 5 years plan), super friendly comfortable atmosphere, ability to introduce and implement own ideas and visions, nice office in Warsaw Wilanów, ability to work remotely plus Medicover and Multisport to make sure you will be in good health!